Monday, November 7, 2011

Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull Inspires New Nation Sweeping Social Fad

For some strange reason, Steven Spielberg recently admitted that it was his idea in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" to nuke the fridge. "I'm proud of that," says the director. "I'm glad I was able to bring that into popular culture." He's done that and a whole lot more now. In the wake of Spielberg's bold brave confession about one of cinema's most hated scenes ever, fans are saluting him with a crazy new social fad that has been sweeping the nation. You may have heard of planking and owling, but now you can add NUKING to the list.

 social fads like planking........


and now NUKING are sweeping the nation

When Spielberg stepped up to the plate and took the rap for the refrigerator debacle, Indy fan Rob Wallbanger felt compelled to somehow pay him tribute. "I climbed into my fridge and had my girlfriend take my picture," Wallbanger stated. "I figured with all the hoop-lah over planking and Tebowing recently that NUKING would be a slam dunk. I posted that shit on my twitter feed and it just took off like a rocket!" Wallbanger noticed that he was getting an unusually high amount of re-tweets after he posted it, and he knew he had something special. "Over half a million clicks on the damn thing and people are sending me their NUKING pics as well." It appears that people of all ages and wakes of life have been participating in the internet NUKING phenomenon. "Anyone can do it," Rob says. "Adults......old people......hell I've seen people sticking their kids in fridges and NUKING em. NUKING appeals to all!"

Nuking inventor Rob Wallbanger says...

people of all ages can enjoy NUKING

The wild popularity of NUKING will most likely be short lived as most internet memes are, but Wallbanger will continue to enjoy his fifteen minutes of fame. "Spielberg just tweeted me a pic of him NUKING the other day and thanked me for my support," Rob said excitedly. "That's a major milestone in my geek life, and I'm going to enjoy every moment of it!"

Even Spielberg can't resist NUKING

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  1. Brilliant post. Hopefully it will come true! Haha.

  2. I saw a Very Special Episode of Punky Brewster about this...

  3. hehe I haven't ever heard of Owling, and now nuking awesome!!

    I could not ever get my girth into a good plank so this is up my street

  4. @Ty........what do you mean hopefully? this is a completely true story as is everything on this site!

    @Tars.......Punky Brewster huh? I think you just dated yourself. you're old like me. too. I think I could get in to NUKING.

  5. Happy it is true! will start nuking right away!

  6. @Ty.....I expect a twitterpic of you NUKING soon.

  7. After Nuking, the new fad will be Puking. Expect stock in umbrella companies to go through the roof!

  8. @Tars will only work if you're puking in some strange pose.

  9. The fridge thing in Crystal Skull didn't bother me as much as the student asking Dr. Jones a question as he slid in on the motorcycle or "The Beef" swinging through the trees like Tarzan, etc etc. The nuke-fridge sequence is the least of Indy 4's problems. Amusing post either way though.

  10. @Movies Hate You Too...honestly Indy IV doesn't bother me much at all like it seems to everyone else. There's just as much completely stupid shit in Temple of Doom that people are very forgiving of. The whole series actually.

  11. ^^^

    No, no, no. There is not a fraction of an iota as much stupid shit in the other three combined. Without getting into specifics, though, I'll just say that what I detested the most was the pandering. I'm a fan and have seen the other three films scores of times - I don't need knowing winks and references every 5 fucking minutes - just give me a good story and characters instead, thanks.

    [/end rant that shouldn't have happened]

  12. @Dylan...this is the first time I'm hearing the beef nickname. that is too fucking awesome! Let me point out the conveyor belt fight in T.O.D. (worst editing ever) his head is about to be pulp then Shorty pulls out the voodoo pin and he's magically six feet away from the crusher. Why does Beef dip his comb in pepsi and run it through his hair anyways?