Tuesday, November 8, 2011

GPSerious: I Wish I Was Bound with Jennifer Tilly.

Remember when the Wachowskis were still awesome? Well, before The Matrix made them officially awesome, they directed a little movie called Bound. It stars Jennifer Tilly, Gina Gershon, and Joe Pantoliano, and it's a sexy noir thriller about two lesbian lovers who decide to fuck the mob out of 2 million dollars.

Andy and Lana Wachowski are two people who I wish never became famous. At least not the post-Matrix kind of famous. I have to think that if they were only successful instead of trend-settingly successful, they might have calmed down a bit and continued making sweet little movies. Instead, we're left with The Matrix and its awful sequels, Speed Racer, and...Speed Racer, I guess. Way to use up 12 years of your lives, you two. But fuck all that noise, because Bound is great.

First of all, you have one of the sexiest women ever in it. Jennifer Tilly was born to play roles like this. Her sultry voice and cadence works perfectly for the kind of noir character she was tasked with portraying, and by the way, her lover is Gina Gershon. Not just any Gina Gershon, but a Gina Gershon that can fix your plumbing problems then crack open a cold one.

Tilly is sexy as hell. I'd seriously consider stealing 2 million dollars for her, but only if we could use some of it to buy a waterbed. 

Spoiler: it doesn't end with drinks.

In true GPS fashion, I won't go too much into the meat of the story. I prefer to let the movie do most of the talking. So far, all I've talked about is my affinity for Tilly and Gershon. They go a long way to sell me on the plot, but they're only half of what makes Bound what it is. The other half occurs once they go through with their heist. It really only takes place in one setting, but the tension comes from watching the two lovers as Joe Pantoliano totally loses his shit when he finds the money gone.

Before the shit hits the fan.

Don't worry, you have no idea how anything will play out.

I'll be buying this on DVD as soon as I can. It's that good. I'm not sure what I liked more about it; the sexuality was both handled smartly and gave real glimpses into Tilly & Gershon's characters without going overboard with either. On the other hand, I could do nothing but wring my hands for the last quarter of the movie, as everyone I watched was on pins and needles.

"We make our own choices; we pay our own prices."

I'll leave the details up to your DVD player for when you decide to watch this gem. It's one I'd watch any day of the week and twice on Saturday. Man, Jennifer Tilly...whew.


  1. I'm so glad you loved it! We actually talked about it in a class on Gender & Genre, so I fell in love with it there. And you're right, it's a shame the Wachowskis lost their mojo after making amazing pieces like this. I love all the moments where all you see is the wallpaper; the use of sound in those scenes is clever and creates great tension.

  2. Actually, the use of sound is awesome throughout the whole thing. Around the 40 second mark of the first video I put up above, a weird but distinct sound is used to cut to Gershon opening the cabinet. Stuff like that happens all the time, or at least I that's what I remember.

    Sounds that should be barely audible seem to be purposefully brought to stand out. It makes it much more awesome to watch.

  3. Thanks. I was trying to decide what I should show for an upcoming viewing party. I know now what my third movie will be

  4. TheVern, I'm glad you're adding this to the selection. It is totally viewing party worthy. You'll see stuff here and there that gives glimpses of The Matrix.

  5. Great post. Sometimes I wonder if the "Bound" and "The Matrix" Wachowskis were killed and replaced with whoever the hell made the Matrix sequels.

    Me likey this film. Definitely a great (and hot) noir film.

    I forgot about Jennifer Tilly until I saw her on Modern Family the other day. Still pretty hot.

  6. Robert, I think it might be like Body Snatchers or something, only their ultimate goal isn't to replce an entire species. It's to make us suffer through the movies of two people.

    Jennifer Tilly will always be hot.

  7. I haven't seen this but as you probably already know, it's not really my cup of tea. Jennifer Tilly seems like a fun gal, she's got that inimitable voice, too. I always remember her as Celia in Monsters, Inc. :D

  8. Ruth, Tilly's voice mesmerizes me. I cannot help it.

  9. Scott, I say those exact words every time I see her face. Also randomly around the office.

  10. I saw this once, a long time ago. Dug it, but obviously not so much that I felt compelled to buy it. Then again, I was but a wee lad at the time, and could certainly go for a rewatch.

    But Phobos...dear Phobos...all of that detail on the film and no conclusion to the Can Gina Gershon Close Her Mouth Mystery? For shame.

    Oh, and Gershon >> Tilly. That voice...I just can't get over that voice.