Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If He Wins an Oscar®, Terrence Malick Promises an Explanation for The Tree of Life

Terrence Malick is riding high with three - count 'em - three Academy award nominations for The Tree of Life at this year's Oscars®. That's fantastic news in-and-of-itself, but what's more is the fact that if the film wins in any category it was nominated, Malick will finally record commentary and re-release The Tree of Life on DVD and Blu-ray, adding the audio track for those who care to know what volcanic ash and DNA have in common.

Nobody Knows Who Guy Standing Next To Jennifer Lawrence Was During Early Morning Oscar Nomination Announcements

The list of nominees for the 84th Annual Academy Awards were broadcast to news stations at 5:30 in the morning by a ravishing looking Jennifer Lawrence and apparently some other guy. Lawrence has been drawing critical raves by fashionistas for her bronze mane and periwinkle bib dress, but nobody seems to know who the man standing next to her was during the big announcement. "She was beautiful before she dyed her hair, but now she's simply a goddess to behold," a flamboyantly gay critic noted. "How she looked so fabulous so early in the morning is amazing, but who was that gross old man next to her trying to steal a little of the spotlight? Sorry honey, but she was the prize that glued my eyes!" GPS decided to do a little research and uncover the identity of the mystery man.

Friday, January 20, 2012

First Image Of Live Action Beavis And Butt-head Movie Revealed

Ok so not really, but these sculptures by make up effects expert Kevin Kirkpatrick are pretty cool........and just a tad creepy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Murder Mystery Reveals Everyone In Sweden Speaks And Writes In English

A disgraced journalist and mentally troubled computer hacker made headlines recently in Stockholm Sweden after solving a decades old murder case. After disappearing and thought to be dead for over forty years, Harriet Vanger was found alive and well, but the biggest mystery coming out of the Northern European country is why everyone there apparently speaks and writes in English. The phenomena was discovered after details of the duo's exploits were reported by news outlets around the world, and language experts are baffled as to how an entire dialect could simply vanish without a trace much like Harriet did ages ago.