Friday, June 21, 2013

Congress Stipulates World War Z Merely A Conflict Not A War

The zombie apocalypse may be nigh, but for now, the U.S. Congress is refusing to make an official declaration of war. A quick search using the ever reliable Wikipedia finds that Congress has not declared war since WWII. Even though a viral pandemic may reduce the world's people to mindless cannibal monsters in a matter of days, the powers that be have only labeled the situation a conflict thus far. But what does this mean for those who are engaging the undead in combat at ground zero?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

President Foxx's Approval Ratings Reach An Eight Year Low

The White House may be coming down on June 28th, but President Foxx's approval ratings will have already reached an eight year low by the time the action crap-fest hits theater screens. The Commander-in-chief started his elite Hollywood administration with great promise after nabbing the Academy Award for best actor, but could never quite deliver on his promise of "change." During his two terms, he has consistently been mired in controversy and questionable acting choices that have left the country dumbfounded. But where did such a promising career start to go downhill?