Monday, October 17, 2011

Paranormal Activity Re-releasing on Blu-ray with Literally Hours of Added Footage.

In Paranormal Activity, Micah Sloat couldn't stop filming everything in front of his douchebag face. As you might have guessed, there was a lot more footage than what was released in theaters, but the blu-ray and DVD have already been available for some time. Apparently, Paramount feels now is the right time to unload the newest blu-ray version of the film, entitled "Paranormal Activity: The Full Cut," onto somewhat-suspecting horror audiences across the country. New additions include a ten-minute-long scene where Micah brushes his teeth while flexing and the exciting drive home in rush-hour traffic after purchasing his new camera.

Rumor has it the new edit of the film will run somewhere in the neighborhood of 450 minutes, which means it's longer than Gone with the Wind and Tree of Life put together. Here are some highlights of the added footage:

A fifteen-minute-long scene where Micah films Dave Matthews on Conan (song plus interview)

An hour-long scene of Micah attempting to cook beef Wellington, having to start over twice

Micah filming Katie for 38 minutes while she knits, trying to zoom in on her chest several times

 The un-edited scene before the Quija board catches fire, which was actually 76 minutes long

 A bunch of stills and head shots Micah took of himself for no reason

Oddly enough, the spookier parts of the film will be unaltered. When reached for comment, producers told GPS that the extra footage "...was meant to add character depth and atmosphere. Everyone loves character and atmosphere."

There's currently no word on whether or not Paranormal Activity 2 will get the same treatment, but we at GPS say they probably shouldn't push it.


  1. I hear in the new cut, they ditch the fastforward button and we have to watch in real time them sleep the entire night until a stagehand bumps the wall at 4am!

  2. You might be confusing that with re-re-release they have planned for 2013 called Paranormal Activity: The Fuller Cut.

  3. Haha! Love the idea of making Paranormal Activity more boring!

  4. @Ty It's actually quite the informative piece on how to cook beef Wellington.