Tuesday, October 18, 2011

GPSerious: Birthdays - October 18th

Oh, man. I don't know who to feature this time, since three awesome people have birthdays today. Screw it, they're all getting the nod.

Most worthy for October 18th:

Jean-Claude Van Damme (51)

George C. Scott (would be 84)

Klaus Kinski (would be 85)

Alright, first up is Jean-Claude Van Damme. He's still around and kicking, that's for sure. But I'd like to bring you back to 1991, and more specifically, Double Impact. It's a ridiculous movie, but it's also hilarious.

Personally, I'd say the karate class gets a day off.

A big surprise isn't huge enough.

I always loved Bolo Yeung.

Damn, it's been a while since I've watched Double Impact, but it looks like the hilarity still holds up. Good to know.

Next up is George C. Scott. The clip I'll use for this is from a 1979 movie called Hardcore. I even reviewed it a while ago. Scott plays a religious father trying to track down his daughter who ran away to do, you guessed it, porn. It's a good movie.

Here, Scott follows clues as to his daughter's possible whereabouts.

You don't want an angry George C. Scott busting through the wall like a crazed Kool-Aid Man. You just don't.

Last, but most definitely not least, we have Klaus Kinski. He was a really crazy guy, so I figure why not show him being crazy? This is from My Best Fiend, which is a documentary by Werner Herzog. It basically chronicles the relationship the two filmmakers had with each other.

Herzog is always calm and collected. Yes, even in the face of shit like this.

That about does it for today's birthdays. It's been a pretty good day.


  1. Ahahaha, that photo of JCVD makes me laugh. I have a guy friend who's a huge fan of his and he'd even imitate his split, I kid you not!

  2. I feel I must say that no one can truly imitate a Jean-Claude Van Damme split. It might look similar, but it's all in the gentle rocking of the hips. Van Damme is a master.

  3. @Kaiderman.......you are a sick man. If it was Seagal, that type of sick behavior may have been ok.

  4. JCVD is a god among men, and bless you for giving out some love to Bolo as well. That man can't be celebrated enough. You are nex!

    Double Impact comes in at #2 on my all-time favorite Van Damme flicks (after Bloodsport, of course).

    I still need to see Hardcore, but I'm glad to have seen the Scott/Kool-Aid scene. That was terrific. Seems like he'd be older than 84. Weird.

  5. I like to think Scott is busting through walls and punching people right now in heaven.

    Bolo is a bad ass, it's true. Even if all Van Damme had to do was kick him in the ribs for any one of the 800 seconds he was holding a barrel over his head.

  6. Today is my grandsons FIRST birthday!~ This sweetie is so handsome and is also another GREAT in todays news! Happy First Birthday to Evan James!

    1. Happy Birthday to Evan....may he grow up strong and savvy enough to enjoy our humor.