Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Avengers Trailer Premieres, Angry Mom Still Trying To Remove Stains From Geeky Son's Shat Pants

The trailer for Joss Whedon's hotly anticipated super hero epic "The Avengers" has finally appeared for comic book fans to gobble up online, but some folks weren't so happy about the geek-tastic spectacle. Susan Curdlethorp's teenage son Ben downloaded the trailer, shat his pants in delight, and threw his dirty tighty whiteys into the laundry hamper for her to clean later. Mrs. Curdlethorp is constantly having to stockpile underwear for her son anytime the geek world trembles with excitement, but is starting to grow weary of the arduous cleaning process involved in the aftermath. GPS has more on the Curdlethorps, and we've got the infamous pants-shitting trailer after the break!

Ben after Avengers trailer: "my shorts are appropriately shat"

Susan is a battle hardened veteran when it comes to cleaning up after her sons geekgasms. "It's always something......Star Wars....Lord of the Rings.....this summer was particularly bad," she told us in a frustrated tone. "We had the damn X-men plus two Avenger members had their own movies leading up to this trailer premiere, and I figured it was time to go buy some new undies for Ben." Mrs. Curdlethorp says the clean up process is the worst part of every event. "You wanna know what Avengers smell like," she asked. "They smell like shit, and I have to hand wash these gnarly skivvies every time......no way I'm putting these dirty drawz in my new washer!"

An artist's rendition of the geek-shat and......

Mrs. Curdlethorp prepping for her own heroic battle with....

.......post Avenger trailer skivvies

The Curdlethorps are not alone in regards to the geek-pants-shatting phenomena. Similar stories are making headlines as the trailer is viewed by more and more comic book nerds. As promised, here is the aforementioned trailer. But be warned, GPS will not be held responsible for the condition of any tighty whiteys post viewing.


  1. Ewwwwww gross Markus!! Glad I saw this post AFTER I had lunch.

  2. @Ruth.....sorry about that, hopefully we haven't sunken to a new low here! I'm totally stoked about Avengers, and this is just an exaggeration of said excitement.

  3. The PC police has arrived!!! ;p

    Ahaha this is an hilarious piece Markus, I loved it :)

  4. Thank you Sir Phobos for commenting on my site! Some very amusing insights - great way for me to start a Wednesday morning!

    I have to say I avoided a geekgasm over the lacklustre Avengers trailer. I sat looking at those exploding cars and I thought - I've seen this all before...then Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America appeared and I knew I wasn't wrong!

    In this world of Christopher Nolan comic heroes, the trailer is 2nd rate. I do still hold out hopes for the film though.

  5. @Castor.......thanks a lot. I sometimes wonder if I shouldn't be arrested by the PC police. I'm glad there are still folks out there who find poop humor funny.

    @Dan.....underwhelmed. that's how I feel about the trailer. It still looks pretty cool, but you're right. I am more stoked about Dark Knight.

  6. I proudly laugh at poop jokes, fart jokes, "your mom" jokes, and sexual innuendo.

    Oh and puns too

  7. @dirtywithclass.......my kind of guy! poop and fart jokes are the gift that keeps on giving!

  8. Indeed they do

    Although they tend to leave behind a rather nasty smell

  9. First the Crappleberrys and now the Curdlethorps? It's been a bad, bad week for people with bad, bad surnames.

    Personally, I'd have thought that this would have taken the semen route, but poop works just as well! ;)