Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nicholas Cage Collects Paycheck; Picks Up Another Scottish Castle.

Still reeling from what can only be described as stellar sales of the theatrical release, DVD, and Blu-ray releases of Drive Angry 3D, Nicholas Cage has, yet again, collected another paycheck. Despite Cage's recent financial misfortunes, the seasoned actor has purchased a new castle in the Scottish Highlands.

When reached for comment, Cage said that he was "driving around, you know, and I, uh, I stopped by my local realtor's. I wanted...they happened to have some blueprints just laying around, and I asked about them. Turns out it was this sweet ass haunted castle. I haggled a bit, and we settled on a price everyone was happy with."

Aerial view of the new purchase. Cage is also on record speculating that he might use it to shoot Season of the Witch 2: More Knights in Chainmail.

GPS believes Cage is also banking on a return to former glory with 2012's Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. We will keep you updated as more money is deposited and quickly exited from his bank account.


  1. Haha. Great post! Plus that picture of him is hilarious!

  2. Gracias. I tried to find something...dignified.