Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meet Machine Gun Joe Viterbo.

Does anyone remember that Death Race movie from a couple of years ago? Me, either. It was probably shit. Here's something much, much better: Machine Gun Joe Viterbo. He was in the original Death Race 2000, and he was played - with much enthusiasm - by Sylvester Stallone. Pre-Rocky Stallone, mind you. So, uh, ya know, if you want to see some, you's know, vintage awesome, look no further, as I give to you Machine. Gun. Joe. Viterbo. As a side note, watch for the amazing ass on his navigator.

If you want to see Rocky get his ass kicked by David Carradine in a leather gimp outfit, then you should probably watch to the end. Otherwise, you can go to hell.


  1. Love Death Race 2000! Sly was hilarious in it. The remake had a couple good action bits from Statham, but it was a slight disappointment.

  2. Wow, I heard it was bad but that's so bad I have to see it:)

  3. @ Ty, Sly WAS hilarious. Every word that came out of that man's mouth was gold.

    @ Marc, yes, please do see it. Spread the love.