Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Gary Busey!

Happy birthday to Oscar nominated actor Gary Busey who is 67 years young today! All creatures shall make merry under penalty of death as we celebrate this oh so holy of days! Here's a little tribute to Gary guaranteed to brighten up your day!

D.C. Cab Gary

This one has Mr. T. and one of those Baldwin brothers.He jumps up and down on top of a cab wearing a creepy latex mask in this. There may be folks out there that don't like "D.C. Cab." I don't hate those people........but I pity the fools. 

Silver Bullet Gary

This one had Gary playing the coolest uncle on the planet. He made a turbo charged wheelchair for his crippled nephew Corey Haim and bought him an arsenal of illegal fireworks. Best of all, when Corey said he needed a silver bullet to kill a werewolf, Gary had one made for questions asked! Uncle Gary......Uncle cool! 

Lethal Weapon Gary

As Mr. Joshua, Gary gets to torture Mel Gibson with electricity and all women and people of Jewish faith are hereby allowed to stand up and cheer during this scene. Happy Birthday Gary......we love you!


  1. Happy Birthday Gary...may your wits remain ever so razor sharp.

  2. Happy birthday, Gary. I think your kind of crazy will outlive us all.