Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sequel to The Shining in the Works; Movie Adaptation to Shit All Over It.

Stephen King was recently seen onstage at George Mason University, where he read aloud an excerpt from his soon-to-be sequel to The Shining, entitled Doctor Sleep. Many horror buffs re...buffed the notion, citing the awesomeness of the original and the number of years that have passed since its release. Those points may be valid, but tough shit. Doctor Sleep is happening, and Danny Torrance is the main character.

What may have gotten buried in the news reports, however, is that the rights to a film version of the novel have already been green-lit, and production started last week. GPS has it on good authority that the movie will vastly differ from the book, and **spoiler** Danny will freeze to death while waiting for his bus ride home from the hospice. There won't be any dramatic chase sequences, but a frozen index finger posed in the form of a candy cane will be the film's signature visual.

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GPS were privileged to be on the set of Doctor Sleep, and we witnessed some truly remarkable scenes. For one, Stephen King was there along with us, and he was none-too-happy about how the film was shaping up. King was overheard saying how he "hates this piece of shit. It's a bastardization of all my hard work. Character motivations are all fucked up. All fucked up. Everything is telegraphed; people will know how it all plays out within the first 15 minutes. What? Yea, I got a bit part. I play the janitor who knows more than he lets on. Look, if anyone is going to counsel Danny Torrance about shining, it's fucking going to be me."

"No, Danny isn't going to be a raging alcoholic just like his dad. Jesus Christ. I hate you."

If you're wondering who will portray Danny Torrance, well, durh, Danny Lloyd will. After all, it's his signature mop and bug-eyed disbelief that spawned the following the film still enjoys to this day. He may not have been in a single film since The Shining, but why should that stop him? It's not like Stanley Kubrick could launch an objection. Sucks to be dead.

The first - and last - public picture of Danny Lloyd since 1980.

However the film turns out, GPS is totally stoked to see the results. A director hasn't been attached to the project yet, which leaves one to wonder how principle photography has begun. That's all in the details, so who gives a shit. More on this story as it unfolds.

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