Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sequel to The Long Good Friday to be Released, Entitled The Short Bad Saturday.

 Well, thirty-one years later, The Long Good Friday is finally getting the sequel everyone demanded. GPS has obtained a pre-release screening copy of the film, which will be called The Short Bad Saturday when it releases in theaters next month.

In a bold move, the film's total runtime will be only 5 minutes, and just two shots will be used for its entirety. It's tough not to spoil the plot of a 5 minute movie, so I won't bother trying. It takes place directly after the first film's conclusion, and it shows the funeral that nobody bothered to attend.

 The film's first shot runs for a total of 2:17.

 The final shot lasts for 2:43, then fades to black.

 Two other things of note are the film's budget and rating. Final figures have yet to be released, but the film cost roughly the tank of gas it took for the producers to drive to a funeral home and take some pictures. As for its rating, this marks the first time in cinema history that a sequel to a rated R film has received a G rating.

As of the time of this writing, Helen Mirren has yet to respond to our questions regarding her not reprising her role as Harold Shand's wife.

*Update* We were just given permission by HandMade Films, the production company behind The Short Bad Saturday, to show some of the deleted scenes. Enjoy:


  1. Haha! Genius! Would love to see this sequel!

  2. Well, my friend, you can now do the next best thing. I just updated the story with some deleted scenes.

  3. is this suppossed to be amusing you sad c***s?

  4. @jazzlers Is that supposed to say corns? Craps?

    Ohhhh. I see what you did there.

    Coming from a man whose computer looks to be set up inside a pink sun room, that's high praise. Did your mother decorate it for you?

  5. Super stuff. That church looks like the Westboro Baptist Church - that would be even more amazing!

  6. @Dan, I think that would be quite the movie. A friendly neighborhood tour through the local nutbags' home turf.