Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Wolfman Director's Cut: One Sentence Review

18 minutes added, but more time is required...for this piece of shit to not make me want to die in a fire.


  1. Haha, another killer review. The pic you have is hilarious.

  2. It expresses my sentiments exactly. Poor Rick Baker.

  3. After 15 minutes I wanted the movie to end...the rest is a blurred mix of hatred and coma like lapses in time I will never ever get back.

    Also, as all have said above, that pic is quite awesome:)

  4. Marc, I made it to the part where Del Toro wigged out at the end and started making his way to Hopkins. I fast-forwarded through like 10 minutes of it and just watched the final fight again. It was a second viewing, so it didn't really matter. The director's cut adds nothing to the film.

    I do wish I had that pic framed on my wall.