Friday, September 30, 2011

The Face of Wilford Brimley Haunts New Trailer for The Thing (2011).

Here at GPS, we were a little surprised that the usually enterprising blogosphere missed out on a massive payday when the latest trailer for The Thing hit the internet. In it, there are several scenes of human copies transforming into their true monster selves. Inexplicably, however, every single shot featured Wilford Brimley's face instead of the actual characters in the film.

Astute film lovers will remember Brimley as Dr. Blair in John Carpenter's The Thing (1982). There was another movie called The Thing, but that had some Herman Munster-looking dude in it or something. Anyways, we've been hard-pressed to figure out an answer as to why Brimley's face appears on the monsters, since a) his character hasn't even arrived at the site yet, and b) it makes no damn sense.

Personally, I think whoever edited the trailer is having a bit of fun with us moviegoers. The sophistication used in transplanting the younger Brimley into the new film rivals that of Forrest Gump, but these people have way too much time on their hands sometimes. In any case, here are the screen caps our unpaid intern came up with on his lunch break (click to enlarge):

This isn't even a thinged-out Brimley. He's just standing there with everyone else.

 At this point, the game is up.

 Before the terror is unleashed.

Death from behind.

At this point, who's to say if Brimley will be in the final picture? There will be some pretty significant plot holes if everything isn't explained in minute detail, but I really can't see the filmmakers doing this without good reason. More on this story as it transforms.


  1. Hahaha, awesome post man. I knew Dr. Blair wasn't dead!! They thought they had fooled me.

  2. I recently saw picture of Wil in an ad for some senior thingamabob and was shocked - I had no idea he was still alive! He looked considerably older than the last time I recalled seeing his haunting face. I think it was this pic:

    Spooky as usual.

  3. They did think they had fooled you.

    He's a better doctor than the one in the new movie.

  4. @Dylan That pic is of a more conemplative Wilford.

    This one, however, is more matter-of-fact:

  5. Wilford sans glasses = sad Wilford.
    Wilford avec glasses = angry, clouded-motivations Wilford.

  6. Wilford would probably be sans-avec after seeing the new "Thing"