Thursday, December 15, 2011

George Takei Calls for "Star Peace" Between Star Trek and Star Wars Fans; Doesn't Go So Well

In an impassioned speech on YouTube, George Takei has thrown down the gauntlet. He's tired of the bickering between Trekkies and Star Wars nerds (They don't get their own, special name), and he's not shying away from calling out Carrie Fisher and The Shat himself. In the video, he says there is a bigger, more immediate foe that needs the combined efforts of both sides in order to make a difference. Watch:

That's right: Twilight.

How are the fans of both series reacting? Well, that depends on how optimistic you are.

Trekkies are notoriously territorial.

Star Wars fans are no slouches, though. They take care of their own.

Once the word spread of Takei's urgent message, some of the more open-minded among the two groups decided to make first contact.

The meeting had an admittedly rocky start, but promise was ultimately shown.

Except for when this happened. Luckily, the situation was diffused before anyone was injured.

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with Takei's take on the Twilight menace. Old prejudices, it seems, are hard to get rid of. Especially ones that span galaxies and time periods starting long, long ago.

This Trekkie wears his emotions on his sleeve and his bias on a huge fucking sign.

These Jedi seem hell-bent on preventing Trekkie diplomats from reaching their destination.

In times like these, depending on your leanings, one might wonder, "What Would Gene Do?" Or, perhaps, "What Would George Do?" The answer to that, my friends, is simple. Takei's message of Star Peace is a good one; one that should be listened to and carefully thought over.

Does anyone really want this to take the place of Picard or Skywalker?

If the threat of annihilation isn't enough to satiate your blood-lust for lesser-nerd massacres, I leave you with one final image to ponder.

If they can do it, WE can do it.


  1. HAHAHA Love those images... the C3P0 is probably the worst and yet the best costume I have ever seen.


  2. Great post! The pics you have are hilarious! Love the God Hates Jedi and all the nerd fights.

  3. Scott, Yea, I don't know what to say about that one. WTF is up with the face?

    Ty, God DOES hate Jedi. Just saying.

  4. I knew those shiny vampires were up to no good but... intergalactic war?

  5. Julian...The Klingon diplomat made it home safely, don't worry.

    Castor...I don't think Twilight is going to know what hit them square in their shiny faces.

  6. I'm with dirtywithclass - vampires can go live in Fantasyland with elves and trolls, they don't belong in sci-fi. Let the LOTR nerds deal with the Twi fans.

  7. Alright, I'll address the controversy. Honestly, I don't know why Takei lumped Twilight in with other sci-fi franchises. But.........he did. So, here we are. Fuck Twilight.

  8. Mr. Takei simply stated that Warsies and Trekkies must unite agaisnt AWFUL TASTE at the movies. I am a Warsie, and I am with him!!