Thursday, February 12, 2009

Did you ever see a dream walking?...Well I did.... - Coraline (2009)

Being a kid is one of the most wonderful times we will ever know in our lives. The world was full of promise, everything seemed fresh and new, and we looked ahead to all those privileges adulthood would bring us one day. But there was a downside as well. We often times got condescending treatment from parents, were always told what to do and when to do it, and had basically zero privacy for the first several years of life. I'm sure many children around the world at one time or another have wished for another Mom and Dad to spoil them rotten and give in to their every whim and desire. As the tagline implies in "Coraline" careful what you wish for.

If you ever wondered what would happen to a kid who has their wish for "other parents" answered by the powers that be, then this is the dream.......or nightmare for you. Coraline is directed by the stop animation guru Henry Selick who was also responsible for 93's "Nightmare Before Christmas" and you better believe that this is some of the most amazing eye candy you will ever set your peepers on. The fact that you can see it in 3-D puts a nice cherry on this awesome sundae. I really must not go into any of the plot details, but I will say the stellar voice cast is filled with the likes of Ian McShane, Dakota Fanning, and Teri Hatcher. This is a great film, but it must be seen in the theaters in 3-D to fully appreciate the artistry at work. It's a smart tale that kids and adults will enjoy with equal enthusiasm. I'm serious.......don't wait.......see it on the big screen as soon as you can! It will take you back to the time in your life where anything is possible and dreams do indeed come true.

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