Thursday, March 27, 2014

Corey Feldman Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Pay For Mental Health Care

One of America's most beloved actors has finally hit rock bottom and is reaching out for help. He just can't do it alone. Corey Feldman may be primarily known for such timeless hits like Dream A Little Dream and Lost Boys: The Tribe, but the recent release of his head-scratchingly awful music video DUH has many loyal fans questioning his sanity. The video showcases Feldman engaging in truly horrific Michael Jackson mimicry that would make the King of Pop roller over in his grave. But there's good news. After a moment of clarity, the talented thespian has checked in to a treatment facility due to his baffling shenanigans and launched a Kickstarter campaign to help pay his mental health care costs.

Feldman was adamant when asked why fans should have to pay for his recovery. "I've been making my fans pay for years with all my shitty acting choices.....why stop now? Plus a pledge of $1000 or more gets you an opportunity to feed me jello in my psych ward."

$1000 pledge equals personal Jello feeding time with Feldman

So far there has been $7.25 pledged towards Corey's campaign. That might not even pay for the Jello at this point, but we're nonetheless cheering for Corey to return the greatness of decades past. Visit Corey's Kickstarter page for more details on how YOU can help.


  1. Hilarious post!

    Nice! Personal Jello feeding time? Need to donate so i can ask him about Dream A Little Dream 2, Blown Away and the other mountains of crud his filmography contains. Haha.

    1. But a lot of his 80's stuff was pure gold during my childhood! I'm pretty certain his drug abuse led to the decline in quality.

    2. Good point! If only he didn't do drugs, he could've had an amazing career! Now we get to feed him Jello for $1000. Haha.