Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Peter Jackson Rejects Sean Astin Cameo Idea For Final Hobbit Film

Smaug the dragon has set the box office on fire with Peter Jackson's latest visit to Middle Earth, but one former Hobbit isn't too happy with what's in store for the next installment of the prequel trilogy. It was  reported that Sean Astin (AKA Samwise Gamgee) was shot down by Jackson when he requested that his fat Hobbit character make an appearance in the last film to help the actor promote his soon to be released autobiography "There and fat again."

"I felt it would have been a no-brainer for Jackson to let me do this in the final film," Astin said recently. "My journey from teen heartthrob to doughy out of work actor parallels the story of Bilbo quite nicely, and I felt being in something that makes money again would have done wonders for my book sales! How come Frodo gets a bone thrown his way in the new trilogy, but not Fat Hobbit? Fuck Peter Jackson!"

Fat Hobbit hoped being in the final Bilbo film........

....would help promote his autobiography "There and Fat Again"
Fat Hobbit fans are no doubt disappointed that the beloved character will not be taking a final cinematic bow, but they can still enjoy Astin's memoirs when "There and Fat Again" releases next year.