Friday, July 29, 2011

When Product Placement Attacks!

I'm actually pretty amused by this example

I know it's a necessary evil. I realize that corporate sponsorship helps foot some of the bills on a film production budget. I understand that many people actually use the products advertised on a daily basis, but I also hate it when product placement in movies is blatantly obvious. I should be able to just let it go..............laugh it off...........learn to accept it. But I can't always do that. There are instances where it works tremendously, but far too often, I just get distracted by shameless product plugs. Here's a few examples that really annoy me followed by one that I accept and love wholeheartedly. Stay tuned and I'll be back after these important messages!

Demolition Man (1993)

When Sylvester Stallone's super cop character is frozen and re-awakened in the year 2032, he has no idea of the splendors that await him in the new utopian society that has formed. All musical listening enjoyment comes from old commercial jingles, people wipe their asses with seashells, and EVERY restaurant in the future is Taco Bell. I'd be flabbergasted too if my beloved organic Chipotle burrito meat (mmmmm Chipotle plug) was replaced with a substance that's only slightly higher grade than the stuff they use in dog food. Here's a true story. After seeing this film, my buddy and I were at a junk food eatery complaining about the absurdness of the famous chain being worked into the plot. Then we finished our 7-layer burritos, devoured our cinnamon twists, and left Taco Bell with full bellies along with complimentary "Demolition Man" posters in tow.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

This one is inexcusable. Am I really to believe that Reed Richards is the smartest guy in the Marvel Universe and can't do better than a flying supercar with a Dodge Hemi in it? He was intelligent enough to separate the Silver Surfer from his cosmic board and defeat Galactus, but he couldn't come up with an engine more powerful than the hemi? Any normal citizen can go to a dealership and buy a car with a hemi with decent credit and a nice down payment.  Ludicrous.

Little Nicky (2000)

It's a juvenile Adam Sandler comedy.......I get it. But seriously folks, do we really need to know that when the son of Satan leaves Hell and comes to Earth he eats Popeye's chicken and shops at K-mart? Adam's films are notorious for working in commercials whenever and wherever they can. Their motto: "No Sandler scene safe from sponsorship!" Also....."Popeye's chicken is fucking awesome."

Superman II (1980)

When the son of Jor-El valiantly battled General Zod in Times Square, I didn't really mind that Marlboro and Coca-Cola were getting a piece of the action. The man of steel can't get cancer anyways so it's OK to have a smoke break while kneeling before Zod. Everyone gets thirsty right? So have a crisp, refreshing, Coke and a smile while Superman tosses his nemesis into the soft drink company's massive exploding sign. Simply advertising genius never to be equaled.


That's all for now folks.....thanks for reading. This post was proudly presented to you by the good folks at Chipotle Mexican Grill.........remember.......when you eat at're eating "food with integrity!" 



  1. Great post! The Popeye's product placement in Little Nicky was definitely not necessary.

  2. HAHA I was going to do a list on this bugger!! HAHA Ah well. great job dude!

  3. I just recently watched Superman II and was surprised to see Marlboro prominently displayed. Happy to see that made the list!

  4. @Christine....yeah...after watching your kids enjoy Superman II.....enjoy Marlboro cigarettes!

  5. @Custard there's still a ton of movies that you could list!

  6. It's definitely in-your-face and should be frowned upon, but I've always loved the Demolition Man/Taco Bell one. It's just so charmingly absurd.

    Another one in a similar vein as that one is this one from Total Recall.

  7. @Dylan.....the Taco Bell one certainly served its purpose suckering me in. The Total Recall one is actually quite clever.

  8. I love the Demolition Man Taco Bell plug, I don't mind those type of plugs in films that take place in the future for some reason. They become even better when the future comes to be the present and we see how things really turned out. (Pan Am in 2001, Blade Runner?)

    One of the worst product placements was Rene Russo getting a soda in the remake of the Thomas Crown Affair. She set the soda down and then turned the can so the Pepsi One logo was facing the audience and then took a huge, long sip. That was shameless.

  9. @Movies Hate You is extremely irritating when it's just shameless! I just have problems believing that of all the fine restaurants in the world Taco Bell ends up on top in the future!