Thursday, July 21, 2011


"Celebrity Rehab" begins for @DRUNKHULK

@DRUNKHULK knew it was only a matter of time before his drunken posting on Twitter would get old. The gamma powered giant has recently been renowned for his intoxicated tweets, but has been feeling of late that he's hit rock bottom and in desperate need of a change. @DRUNKHULK has reached out to addiction medicine specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky and will be attempting to SMASH alcoholism on the new season of "Celebrity Rehab."

Said Dr. Drew of his most unusual famous patient yet, "We are absolutely delighted to have a chance to help @DRUNKHULK tackle this serious disease and are ready to give him our full support." Of course the first step is admitting you have a problem and luckily @DRUNKHULK has been courageous enough to take it. "@DRUNKHULK NOW REALIZE ALCOHOLISM NO LAUGHING MATTER," he said with a serious tone. "@DRUNKHULK READY TO HEAL AND GET ROOT OF PROBLEM SO @DRUNKHULK CAN SMASH!" @DRUNKHULK appreciates all the support he has been given and wants fans to know he can now be followed on Twitter as @DRUNKHULKREHAB.

Drew Pinskey ready to treat @DRUNKHULK

Once through treatment, @DRUNKHULK knows the road to sobriety will be a difficult path to travel which is why Avenger Club member and former alcoholic Tony Stark will be there to assist him as his sponsor. "I know a little about this," the playboy declares. "He's ready to hit this thing with everything he's got.....sometimes you have to run before you can walk!"

Stark will be sponsoring @DRUNKHULK

Alcoholism is a disease that millions struggle with on a day to day basis and we at GPS sincerely wish @DRUNKHULK the best as he attempts to stay on the wagon. The Twitter-verse will certainly miss his clever observations while in a drunken state, but will most certainly appreciate the world as seen by the eyes of a more sober, gamma radiated, green behemoth.

(NOTE: This humble blogger is actually a sincere fan of the @DRUNKHULK Twitterfeed)

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