Monday, July 18, 2011

Netflix User Resorts To Prostitution As Price Hike Outrage Continues

Outrage towards the online rental giant continues as a Denver area man recently took extreme measures to pay for the upcoming price hike. When Roger Bobblecock heard that his current plan of one DVD out and unlimited streaming was being split and charged separately, the middle manager and father of three knew the situation had become dire. Roger's wife joked that they were going to have to turn tricks downtown to pay the increase, but it was no laughing matter when she actually had to bail him out of jail after being arrested for soliciting himself.

Bobblecock arrested for prostituting himself

When asked why he felt the need for such drastic debauchery, Bobblecock immediately pointed the finger at Netflix. "Desperate times call for desperate measures," an exasperated Roger stated. "Besides, when we watch the DVD of Sucker Punch youngest needs to be able to stream Veggie Tales downstairs in the playroom......I need both of those rental plans for effective family viewing." The Bobblecock family also feel that 12000 streaming titles on the service just aren't enough and they need the security that the additional DVD gives them. "I'm not giving up my latte and I was simply looking after the well being of my else was I supposed to come up with the extra eight bucks?," Mr. Bobblecock rationalized.

 watching  the Sucker Punch DVD upstairs

while youngest Bobblecock streams Veggie Tales downstairs

With today's struggling economy, it's hard times for folks in need of entertainment and Netflix seems to be unwavering about the price increase. In the days ahead, let's hope the Bobblecock's and other impoverished families will not have to resort to criminal behavior to get their movie fix.


  1. Ahaha I find it quite hilarious though that people will get riled up over $5 or $6. Netflix was really cheap before. Now, it's a little less cheap but they still provide an incredibly convenient service. Now, I'm saying that but I will be canceling the streaming plan come September, I rarely stream movies anyway.

  2. @Castor Initially we got it for the streaming, but we find ourselves using the discs more often so I know what you mean.

  3. So much for throwing in the kitchen sink.

  4. @JaneMiami the kitchen sink is a whole other plan which is an extra 8 bucks on top.

  5. Think yourselves lucky you can get it at all!!

    Our version LOVEFiLM is very poor and does not stream to AppleTV, Rubbish!!

  6. Did people forget how expensive it was to rent movies at a video store? $5 a movie, plus $5 a night late fee. How about cable? I pay $130.00 a month (like an idiot) for cable to watch TURK 182 and E.T. every other day! And when a new movie hits cable, like INCEPTION, it's on all fucking day, every day!

    I now pay $23 a month for unlimited streaming and disks at Netflix. If I watch a movie every other day that's 15 movies. Do the math.

    The only thing cheaper is Red Box. And if you've used it before, you know how thin the selection is.

    Great piece, great site!

  7. @B. Stank... Turk 182 is worth every penny. Thanks for the kind words my friend.

  8. Damn Netflix! The real problem though is that I will stay pay every month for it.

  9. @Dan O. Me too Dan......but I actually think even at 16 bucks a're still getting a hell of a bargain.