Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HULK Declines To Answer Questions Under Oath About Steroid Use

HULK has day in court

Preliminary hearings have begun in the super hero steroid abuse scandal that has been rocking the nation as of late, and the Incredible Hulk has refused to answer questions under oath. He was dressed sharply for his day in court, but refused to say anything that would incriminate fellow Avenger Club member Captain America.

S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and committee chairman Phil Coulson was not pleased and looked irritated whenever HULK brushed off his inquiries about Cap. "ASKING HULK OR OTHER HERO ABOUT WHO TAKE ROIDS ON TV NOT SOLVE PROBLEM," the green goliath stated. "HULK LAWYER ADVISE TO PLEAD FIF."

Agent Phil Coulson not pleased with testimony

GPS will continue to report any and all information regarding the hearings. In the meantime, check out our initial story on the Captain America tell all book right here.


  1. Good on the Hulk. Who knew he had it in him!!

  2. "PLEAD FIF"...hahaha nice:)

  3. you know the funny thing? that is actually Barry Bond's body I put HULK head on!